BTB and adaptability

Back again….

So while I have done this a couple of times and I go through spurts of online and not online here I am again and back to RPing when RL isn’t screwing with me in fantastically fun ways.

I am loving BTB even though I have been through a couple of sims. Svago was a great place with tons of RP but near the end there was a little drama that broke apart the people I had regularly played with. It can be a little hard moving sims and they were moving to Hochburg.

Hochburg is a bustling ism with a lot of decent roleplayers and many that I have seen are great! There is a spice to the sim that I have not seen at other sims. The players there know how to have fun. Its a blast when being IC and their senses of humor never cease to amaze me. They are not as stuffy as other sims. Now, this is where the BUT comes in.

I would have loved nothing more than to move there to enjoy myself and stick around with friends having a great time BUT the sim has a bit of a sharp policy when it comes to gays. When the group was first going to move to Hochburg I discussed with the sim admin about it and was told that while they accept them. “you can’t be gay” This struck Hochburg off the list and IC it was arranged that I would be sold off to some owners that I had met and go be with them at Varn which is a gay friendly sim. The trouble though is that drama happens especially in newer sims as they are trying to form their identity so Varn has died out. This brings me back around to Hochburg where I am staying with the previous owner of my collar for the time being.

The family that I play with in Varn was considering moving to Hochbrug however it is being frowned upon because once again they are gay. I have head conflicting messages about how they are gay friendly but you cant be gay to gay is not BTB. There are mentions of gay in Gor but it is not prominent because the books focus mostly on the male female dynamics of the world. I had no where else to play that I could go so it was Hochburg that I went being boarded with my previous owner. I have been shocked while playing there. Despite the admins saying you cant be openly gay or display such attitude there are some openly…VERY…openly gay players there. This makes me have to wonder why there is this special selection?

The family that was in Varn was wishing to move and give Hochburg a try but that is out of the options as of now because of their “you cant be gay” policy. I have been around but this seems a bit off to me. Even when it comes to public displays of which we were told you should not do at all what so ever on sim; I have seen it happen. Even the player of my brother  has been where such open displays occurred and no one on sim had issues with it. This seems to be mostly an admin issue. I have spoken to two admins one of which told me she spoke with the sim owner and they hold the same views. So why do they allow a select few but wont welcome more players that are rather active because its a house of gays and bi?

I am not knocking Hochburg too much but it would be better if they didn’t have conflicts with their own actions. To say one thing but when its obviously there already is confusing. The family that would be moving would bring about six more players to the sim and I can understand some of the unease when its there already I have a hard time seeing the issue.

So during a discussion the question was brought up, “Why did you ask? Why didn’t you just join and deal with it when they said something?”. The answer to this is simple. We were being polite. There are sims that are not all that friendly to having a gay presence on sim. People for the most part are great and polite but for many its seen as not Gorean and not BTB therefore banned. We don’t want to come to a sim with several players that are openly gay only to spend time setting up and getting our RP there to be kicked out later. Its disruptive to the RP and no one likes having to move.

I would say that it is a great shame that Hochburg is missing out on more good players simply because of this conflict of actions and words. its hard to find good sims and its even harder to find good sims with awesome people and great RP. It is an absolutely wonderful time at Hochburg though my brother and I RP there with caution. Due to what the sim admins said we always worry that one of them will come to us telling us to leave. The others that are part of the city seem to have no fear of this at all.

For the sim owners out there I would ask you to have an open mind. Most of us are pretty nice guys just looking for places to RP that we don’t have to worry about being kicked out or banned. Give us a chance and if we do something that offends simply talk to us about it. Generally we are there like everyone else for fun.

If you own a sim and you would like to talk about this topic feel free to IM me in world @ kazumimomoko resident . Also if you want me to visit a sim and see the RP and what is going on I am more than happy to make visits and reviews. Anyone is welcome to IM me at any time in world to talk about anything!




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