Back Again Part 2

Well it looks like I am back int eh saddle again. Has any one missed me out in Gor?

Probably no one other than my own Gorean family! Hi guys! So you might be asking yourself WTH! Where did you go man. That is for those of you that follow the blog. Well to put it blunt RL caught me. I am back in full swing now. Lots of RP going on and lots of raiding to be had.

So let’s get to the bad and the juicy eh? Firstly, GE gor its been a little better. The builds are about what you would expect. There are lots of Maze rooms, Kill rooms lever doors and code only doors. Nothing has changed! Everyone likes to say that its getting worse. I wouldn’t say its getting worse just things change. The sims will always have similar issues. It’s like one or two bad people can cause trouble for an entire group or get groups banned. Groups that don’t see eye to eye split off into other groups and then a hatred for each other ensues until another closes. I have been in Gor for almost 4 years at this point because I joined the game when I started SL. It is still the same the only thing that changes is the people. Everyone wants to win people don’t like loosing and for GE it’s all about the traffic.

OMG it sounds as if your coming down hard on GE! Not really. Active sims will always have the most vocal things said about them and everyone has their own opinions. But, Kazumi, there are sims you refuse to go to! Well, let me tell you this. I don’t refuse to go to the sim due to the builds. They could have 3 fishbowls and 6 kill rooms we have to chase them through. I will still go. The reason I wont go to some sims is that I have to switch to the GM meter. Right now zCS is what I use and switching meters with my weapons makes me have to log out. There is a glitch with LR weaponry and switching meters that prevents me from firing. SO rebooting right as we are loading for a raid is a pain in the ass. So that means the answer is NO! I refuse to switch its a pain.

Where do you even play?! Well if you want to pester me or something right now I am at Turian Nights. Its a decent sim the people are friendly enough and I like all of them. Why did you pick Turian Nights? There are so many sims out there you could join! That was the problem. There were a lot of them out there and mostly what I did was went around to docks and found the top Sims that were banned from raiding at places and crossed them off my list if they were blacklisted too much.

Alright so you have talked about GE but your also in BTB what gives? Well that is a bit easier. I have been in BTB but I do have to be mindful. My avatar as most of you know is not your standard male avatar. I have always been a leaner more Asian style build WHICH in BTB doesn’t go over well in some cases. Here take a look!

Kazumi Updated.png

So some think I look too young despite being taller and having larger shoulders than them. So Kazumi what sim do you even play on? Well right now I’m playing in the City of Lara for the BTB. The trouble is that everyone locks away inside their houses and doesn’t come out. I have spent hours on the sim with my brother and nothing ever seems to really happen. Its more like a rental district than an RP sim. On the upside its a pretty build. There is a city and forest area that you take boats to. It also allows raids! Which raids have all but died out in BTB unless its a scheduled event for what ever reason. I can see where people may not raid though because of how the teleport work on this sim. To get to the city you take a boat that is like a teleport but its only one person at a time even with multiple boats which means loading the docks to raid will be slightly tedious unless you TP people straight in. Other than the sim being a bit dead on the RP and low on people I would give it a thumbs up for the interesting design.

Ok! So you updated us on this BTB and GE stuff and yourself. When the hell are you going to start the comic again! Well….I’d consider it though it didn’t seem super popular. My information pages on the blog get more hits than the comics. I will update them as I feel I have good source material for it all. Want to give me material? IM me in world or drop me a notecard its that simple.

Have fun out there guys and remember it’s just a game. Don’t limit yourselves too much.


BTB and adaptability

Back again….

So while I have done this a couple of times and I go through spurts of online and not online here I am again and back to RPing when RL isn’t screwing with me in fantastically fun ways.

I am loving BTB even though I have been through a couple of sims. Svago was a great place with tons of RP but near the end there was a little drama that broke apart the people I had regularly played with. It can be a little hard moving sims and they were moving to Hochburg.

Hochburg is a bustling ism with a lot of decent roleplayers and many that I have seen are great! There is a spice to the sim that I have not seen at other sims. The players there know how to have fun. Its a blast when being IC and their senses of humor never cease to amaze me. They are not as stuffy as other sims. Now, this is where the BUT comes in.

I would have loved nothing more than to move there to enjoy myself and stick around with friends having a great time BUT the sim has a bit of a sharp policy when it comes to gays. When the group was first going to move to Hochburg I discussed with the sim admin about it and was told that while they accept them. “you can’t be gay” This struck Hochburg off the list and IC it was arranged that I would be sold off to some owners that I had met and go be with them at Varn which is a gay friendly sim. The trouble though is that drama happens especially in newer sims as they are trying to form their identity so Varn has died out. This brings me back around to Hochburg where I am staying with the previous owner of my collar for the time being.

The family that I play with in Varn was considering moving to Hochbrug however it is being frowned upon because once again they are gay. I have head conflicting messages about how they are gay friendly but you cant be gay to gay is not BTB. There are mentions of gay in Gor but it is not prominent because the books focus mostly on the male female dynamics of the world. I had no where else to play that I could go so it was Hochburg that I went being boarded with my previous owner. I have been shocked while playing there. Despite the admins saying you cant be openly gay or display such attitude there are some openly…VERY…openly gay players there. This makes me have to wonder why there is this special selection?

The family that was in Varn was wishing to move and give Hochburg a try but that is out of the options as of now because of their “you cant be gay” policy. I have been around but this seems a bit off to me. Even when it comes to public displays of which we were told you should not do at all what so ever on sim; I have seen it happen. Even the player of my brother  has been where such open displays occurred and no one on sim had issues with it. This seems to be mostly an admin issue. I have spoken to two admins one of which told me she spoke with the sim owner and they hold the same views. So why do they allow a select few but wont welcome more players that are rather active because its a house of gays and bi?

I am not knocking Hochburg too much but it would be better if they didn’t have conflicts with their own actions. To say one thing but when its obviously there already is confusing. The family that would be moving would bring about six more players to the sim and I can understand some of the unease when its there already I have a hard time seeing the issue.

So during a discussion the question was brought up, “Why did you ask? Why didn’t you just join and deal with it when they said something?”. The answer to this is simple. We were being polite. There are sims that are not all that friendly to having a gay presence on sim. People for the most part are great and polite but for many its seen as not Gorean and not BTB therefore banned. We don’t want to come to a sim with several players that are openly gay only to spend time setting up and getting our RP there to be kicked out later. Its disruptive to the RP and no one likes having to move.

I would say that it is a great shame that Hochburg is missing out on more good players simply because of this conflict of actions and words. its hard to find good sims and its even harder to find good sims with awesome people and great RP. It is an absolutely wonderful time at Hochburg though my brother and I RP there with caution. Due to what the sim admins said we always worry that one of them will come to us telling us to leave. The others that are part of the city seem to have no fear of this at all.

For the sim owners out there I would ask you to have an open mind. Most of us are pretty nice guys just looking for places to RP that we don’t have to worry about being kicked out or banned. Give us a chance and if we do something that offends simply talk to us about it. Generally we are there like everyone else for fun.

If you own a sim and you would like to talk about this topic feel free to IM me in world @ kazumimomoko resident . Also if you want me to visit a sim and see the RP and what is going on I am more than happy to make visits and reviews. Anyone is welcome to IM me at any time in world to talk about anything!



Abuse in Gor Poll

Because the previous post has generated a lot of conversation I decided to make a poll.

Abuse in Gor

So a situation came out in a role play that I had over heard while being unable to move from where I was standing.

A man came to the sim and was displeased with a tavern girl. he gave her options of punishment and rape being one of them. During the rape he brutally beat her and that got me thinking. Was this Gorean or was this not? Why did he think this was Gorean?

I cant remember a single instance in any book where I saw such brutality happen. I have seen rough situations in books but never a hard core beating during a furring. Admittedly I have not reread all the books and it has been some time since I opened them. I might have to reopen them and dig deeper but for now I opened the discussion to the BTB Goreans group to see how they all felt.

It was a good discussion about Gorean master and the limitations of the series. There was no sex in the books otherwise they would not have been able to be published so it leaves a bit of a grey area. There are some quotes that talk about not being cruel to girls while other characters in the actual series had demeanor that could lead a reader to believe they were a lot more sadistic and abusive.

I can agree that in a world as big as Gor there are different types of people. That this sort of thing can exist and probably does. Considering that the most a man needs to worry about is paying for the damages or death of the girl it stands to reason that this could sort of happen. Due to the nature of Gor it attracts all types of people. Slaves could be killed or beaten and all that the man has to pay is for the damages and loss of use.

Gor is a colorful world with lots of people and tastes. Generally you have a lot of very good players out there and tend to err on the side of caution when it comes to the treatment of girls. Other times you will have the one that can handle himself more in the setting. Then there will be the one off or two of the villain types that come in and do more to a girl than expected and try to escape the payments.

In the end it boils down to a simple “Are you enjoying the rp?” if you are then its great! If you are not that doesn’t necessarily mean its not Gorean. This wonderful world is filled with tons of different rp styles. Try being open and experiencing things as its just text on a screen but remember if your ever uncomfortable just IM the person and let them know its not your cup of tea. you can always fade to black and just ask for a list of what happened so you know how to rp after the fact.

I started this topic off looking for quotes where it didn’t happen though the more it was discussed in group chat the more I changed my mind. I think that due to the publication limitations and censorship some of it had to be left out of the books and left to the imagination. It was lightly hinted at in the theme of the books and all over due to compensation prices. This is something that has the potential to happen and can go very badly for the girls or boys on the receiving end of it.

So for the final conclusion. Abuse to severe damage, does it happen in Gor? Yes it can and has the potential to escalate into something more deadly depending on the character you are playing with. Is it Gorean? Yes.


Back in action again baby!

Welcome to BTB!

So its been a while and I took a bit of a break form doing anything that was RP related. I focused on mesh clothes making and I am happy to say I am getting there.

That being said I got some new ideas! So let’s see how it pans out.

As the title suggests I am in BTB! WOO! BTB! GE gor wasnt panning out when it comes to RP so let’s see what you BTB boys got eh?

So far my impression its been an absolute blast! So much rp I cant even keep up at times and the City of Svago let me just say. Two thumbs up on capabilities when it comes to keeping a boy busy!

Trial and Error. The horrors of perception and the troubles it causes.

To get into gor again was a little bit of trial and error. I myself don’t look like a typical male and my character is a bit unique in appearance. The same goes for my brother Kai. We took our time spending months trying to find a sim and Kai finally found one he really liked.

Kai is about as picky as I am when it comes to how our avatars look and feel. We want to be comfortable in our own skin so to speak. We both play adult avatars and our character shapes are over 7ft tall in world. This being said we are a bi ton the lithe side using a more Asian build and Asian style faces which makes us seem youthful. This draws us a lot of criticism.

Kai visited a sim named Varn to have a look around pick up the rules and see what the characters looked like. Now, mind you he looked a bit different because he was coming from another part of SL to visit the sim and he talked to some of the admin there. He knew he was going to have to make some avatar adjustments but without even telling him they banned him right after he left the sim!

Very tolerant eh? You tell a person they need to make adjustments to their avatar because your not comfortable with how they look and ban them without saying a word? Kai finds out because he can’t tp back to show me the sim later and that was the first red flag. They didnt bother to get to know him or tell him. It was an estate ban right after he got their information and left. There seems to be a lot of fear mongering about ‘child’ avatars in SL.There was a sim owner that was shut down because there were child like avatars or femboys at the sim. Someone accused him of not so pleasant things and LL had him banned and he lost all his lands and people scrabbled to rebuild what was lost.

Before I got into more detail let’s take a look at the SL terms of child avatar definition. As in the SL ToS under section 6.3 (viii):

(viii) Post, display or transmit any material, object or text that encourages, represents, or facilitates sexual “age play,” i.e., using child-like avatars in a sexualized manner. This activity is grounds for immediate termination. You may review our full Age Play Policy here. You understand and agree that we may report any and all such incidents — and any and all of your corresponding personal information — to any authorities we deem appropriate, whether or not it in and of itself violates the law of your (or any) jurisdiction; or

Let’s continue and look at the age play policy and see if there is anything to determine about avatar looks. The above states nothing other than child-like avatars this leaves it wide open to too many personal opinions.

So the following information comes up from the Age Play Policy link:


This article addresses questions regarding Linden Lab’s policy regarding sexual “ageplay” (depictions of, or engagement in, sexualized conduct with avatars that resemble children). This practice is disallowed by the Community Standards due to complaints from Residents and international laws, so it’s important to understand the definitions.


Under our Community Standards policy, real-life images, avatar portrayals, and other depictions of sexual or lewd acts involving or appearing to involve children or minors are not allowed within Second Life. When detected, individuals and groups promoting or providing such content and activities will be subject to sanctions, which may include termination of accounts, closure of groups, removal of content, and loss of land or access to land.

There are three key aspects involved in these materials or acts that are in breach of the Community Standards:

  • Participation by Residents in lewd or sexual acts in which one or more of the avatars appears to represent minors (or the depiction of such acts in images, video, textures, or text) is a violation of the Community Standards.
  • Promoting or catering to such behavior or representations violates our Community Standards. For instance, the placement of avatars appearing to represent minors in proximity to “sex beds” or other sexualized graphics, objects, or scripts would violate our Community Standards, as would the placement of sexualized “pose balls” or other content in areas depicting playgrounds or children’s spaces.
  • The graphic depiction of children in a sexual or lewd manner violates our Community Standards.

Linden Lab reserves the right to immediately terminate the accounts of Residents who violate these standards.

In some cases there may be an element of subjectivity as to whether an avatar (or other image) appears to be a minor. Objective factors which will be used to decide, including whether an avatar has childlike facial features, is child-sized, has clothing or accessories generally associated with children, and whether, based on the circumstances, an avatar is speaking or acting like a child (“My Mommy says…”).

So let’s dig into this a little more and look at the Community standards. The documentation for these standards have something called The Big Six. These are an over arching guide to how people should be conducting themselves in SL. There is no mention here of ageplay or children avatars on this page. There is however rule 5 of the big six that talks about maturity ratings. So let’s go here shall we!

Maturity Ratings:


A region designated General is not allowed to advertise or make available content or activity that is sexually explicit, violent, or depicts nudity.  Sexually-oriented objects such as “sex beds” or poseballs may not be located or sold in General regions.

General regions are areas where you should feel free to say and do things that you would be comfortable saying and doing in front of your grandmother or a grade school class. Institutions such as universities, conference organizers, and real world businesses may wish to designate their regions as General. Likewise their users (and others) may wish to employ Second Life’s General search setting to focus and filter search results appropriately.

Some landowners and Residents desire a Second Life experience distinct from the activity that occurs in Moderate and Adult regions. Region owners who wish to host this sort of Second Life experience can (but need not) designate their regions as General.

If you are a region owner and you feel there is some ambiguity as to whether your content and activities are allowed in General regions, it’s probably best to designate your region as Moderate.


Second Life’s Moderate designation accommodates most of the non-adult activities common in Second Life. Dance clubs, bars, stores and malls, galleries, music venues, beaches, parks, and other spaces for socializing, creating, and learning all support a Moderate designation so long as they do not host publicly promoted adult activities or content and do not use adult search tags. Groups, events and classifieds that relate to this broad range of activities and themes generally should also be designated as Moderate.

Residents in these spaces should therefore expect to see a variety of themes and content. Stores that sell a range of content that includes some “sexy” clothing or objects can generally reside in Moderate rather than Adult regions. Dance clubs that feature “burlesque” acts can also generally reside in Moderate regions as long as they don’t promote sexual conduct, for instance through pose balls (whether in “backrooms” or more visible spaces). However if any of these businesses uses adult-oriented search tags, the region may be categorized as Adult and blocked from appearing in non-Adult search.


The Adult designation applies to Second Life regions that host, conduct, or display content that is sexually explicit, intensely violent, or depicts illicit drug use.  A region must be designated Adult if it hosts, advertises, or publicly promotes:

  • Representations of intensely violent acts, for example depicting death, torture, dismemberment or other severe bodily harm, whether or not photo-realistic (meaning that images either are or cannot be distinguished from a photograph).
  • Photo-realistic nudity.
  • Expressly sexually themed content, spaces or activities, whether or not photo-realistic. We broadly define what is “sexually themed” to include any sexually oriented activities and conduct.

Groups, event listings and classified ads that reference these themes or content must also be designated Adult. Linden Lab will enforce these rules but cannot monitor all ephemeral content and conduct within Second Life. Therefore:

  • Regions, groups, and event or classified ad listings that employ search tags plainly suggestive of adult behavior or content require the Adult designation, and will be viewable only by Residents that are at least 18 years old.
  • Linden Lab will conduct proactive monitoring and rely on abuse reports that identify adult content or conduct that is promoted or advertised publicly. Where adult content or conduct on a region is publicly advertised or promoted, that region must be designated as Adult (or such content must be removed). We will re-designate such regions if adult content is not removed.
  • Linden Lab may take into account whether apparent or reported adult content or conduct in a particular region serves only an extremely limited or passive function, or an important educational or cultural function, and therefore would be appropriate for all Second Life audiences.
  • As with all reported activity in violation of our policies, we will actively review all reports of adult conduct and provide Residents with a channel for rebuttal.

Parcels that host adult activities or contain adult content must be on:

  • The adult mainland continent, Zindra.
  • A private region that has been designated by its owner as Adult.

Region owners are responsible for designating a region’s maturity level. Occupants of regions will be expected to locate in a region suitable to each occupant’s content and conduct.

For more information on what qualifies as adult content, see Adult Content FAQ.

Wow! So much information but where am I going with this rant? Well first of all a child avatar is a matter of opinion but being in an adult region means you are age verified as 18+ as a real life person. So long as you have an avatar that is not acting like a child or looks like a child and wearing items that would have you classified as a child then you are NOT a child avatar. Just because someone says they are not comfortable with how you look and you are portraying yourself as a full grown person you can not be called a child avatar.

I have highlighted a few things here and will state my opinion on the matter. So long as a person is of proper height to be an adult, has a body that is defined as an adult (with or with out muscles) and plays as an adult. They are an adult. having a lithe build and slightly feminine look for a male does NOT make them a child avatar. Kai was turned away even AFTER making adjustments to his avatar. He used almost my identical shape and skin which had defined abs and pectoral muscles and was told that he looked like a child. He was taller than even some of the people judging him and nothing in his profile or how he acted (other than his normal shy self) made him a child. It came down to if they felt comfortable with him or not and it was determined not.

We have played for a year now in gor with no issues and I have seen others that were pushing the limits of child avatar in gor more so than a thin asian build could ever do. I am sad to say that this sim did have a bit of a knee jerk reaction to him when they first met him and gave him little chance until I spoke with the admins. It boiled down to they wanted him to change everything about his avatar just for their sim and that is their right. However they used the SL child avatar rules as a guide. We will never be the broad chested square chin muscle masses that that sim wants and so we moved on.

What is the purpose of this rant? First I wanted to advocate for the more femboy look and yes its a balancing act when you are playing games like gor. Gor by far is the most strict place in SL for any femboy. There are plenty of other RP sims that welcome the normally femboy community but Gor has certain standards that it holds men too. It tends to be the larger more muscled men with square jaws and very masculine. People are very hung up on looks and can misjudge a person quickly based on simple avatar looks or having their own beautiful standards. its a diverse community however what I want to express is dont just outright ban someone after meeting them the first time because your scared.

The admins of Varn made a mistake. They should not have banned him to such an extreme for the first time simply because he looked how he did. I did talk to them and brought Kai back to their sim and no changes pleased them. Even I was accused of looking super young and barely legal. This is very funny as I have not changed my looks much other than using a Slink Mesh body and Mesh Project body. I and Kai have been through many accepting sims because we are verified adults behind 2 adult avatars that are not played as children in any sense of the word. I would throw a hint of caution to those that play about going to a sim that ban’s first without open communication even if there was no real infraction on rules.

So now what?!

And now for the good news! Kai and I have settled at a sim named Svago as two thralls int he House of Cain. I can say that I am completely pleased with the standards of RP on the sim. The people are friendly though there are a few minor hiccups I can over look. (There may be some comics coming out about these hiccups lol)

Overall they are a group of people dedicated to RP. They all seem to carry long running story lines and work to interact with other sims to keep these stories going. There has not been a moment where I can not find something to do or RP yet on this sim and I am always pulled into one thing or another thanks to the girls in the slavers house!

You can check out some of the fun in the new Kaz’s Adventures section (Soapy Situation). Here I will be posting some of the RP that I have taken part in when I find it rather amusing. be warned there might be other background RP going on as generally there are a lot of people in different area’s posting. I will try to clean these out of the logs when I am not being lazy!

For now thanks for reading my rant and feel free to IM me in world if you would like to stop by the wonder city of Svago for a good time!



Still around sort of.

I am still around but as you noticed I have slowed down a lot on the blog. Why? Mostly because there has been really nothing to discuss. Gor is Gor an ever evolving beast.

I have been around SL Gor for a bit now and I can say that I am getting a little bored with it. I still play there and visit there but what sort of content can I put out?

I go on raids once in a while and the most I can think to share is this little gem I found out on the interwebs.

If you guys think I should pick up the comics again drop me a notecard in world at kazumimomoko


A little bit of everything at once

Back and causing trouble

Not even back into the full swing of things and I am already out there going on a lot of raids and making trouble. However, there is only so much that a thrall can do. Having to learn all the new camps is a bit of a problem but I know there are a few places that I like raiding and a few places that I despise raiding. I plan on putting out a list later.

Fashion Quirks

Do you think that fashion influences your rp? This question has been on my mind for a little bit now. If we are in a game and playing that game is everyone expected to look the part of that game?

Let’s take a look at the female fashion first then we can dissect the men. I am seeing a bit of an odd trend when it comes to female fashion. While mesh is popular I am seeing a slight trend of flexi skirts again. This also goes for the hair. Style and mesh tend to be cheap at this point because there is so much of it out there. What is driving the choice to wear such things still? Now, if you wear mesh yay! Though I am seeing more and more mesh earth clothing mixing into Gor. The other day I was drug to the dock by a woman wearing a sports jersey and sneakers with her Gor weapons on. Her legs were fully exposed as if she were just a cheerleader and I found myself asking “Would I RP this person with how she is dressed?”

My answer was no. Though I was left to wonder more. Am I picky? No, I will play with anyone but why would I not choose to play with someone in earth clothes? The answer I came to is simple here the reasons I came up with:

  1. They are obviously not here to play the game seriously as they cant be bothered to fit the look of the setting.
  2. They are only here for pew pew because they put nothing into establishing themselves as a character in the game.
  3. Gor for them is just a big sport of capture the flag or battle simulator.

There are some similar trends forming in men’s fashion as well. I have seen a lot more men wearing the simple clothing layers that SL makes rather than mesh and have prim attachments as sleeves or collars. I am also seeing the trend back towards the odd flexi hair. I am no means saying that mesh is the best but it does look better. Also some of the male skins just seem old and dark. While its been my opinion that everyone in Gor has a subscription to tanning beds it just still feels like there are way too many tan people.

Gor is a mix of different types of living not everyone will be a super muscled oiled machined that is tan with long Fabio hair. Just the same not everyone will be super tall mammoths that wield battle axes and cut down all the foes before them in large swings as if chopping down redwoods.

Over all I would have to say that my wondering has brought me to the conclusion that looks do play some part in getting RP. People that put a lot of work in their avatars want to play with someone who seems to have the same amount of care put into their own. If you put time and effort into your look you are defining your character better even more so if it matches the game in which you play. Fashion is a huge thing and there are noob looks and not noob looks but I want to ask you all the same question.

Would you play with someone that looks like they haven’t changed their looks for years? Would it matter if they are good RP? Would you RP a person that dresses in earth clothes?


New comics will be posted either tonight or tomorrow.

Fun RP

I decided to spare the details of everything that went on as it exactly happened and decided to write a summary for you all.

Avatars Involved:

Kazumi Momoko from Victrix

Alonda from Marshwood Pirates(If I messed up your name sorry I’m not able to fetch logs at the moment)

Aednat from Victrix

JJ Soir from Victrix

 The story:

Having brought my cap back from Marshwood Pirates I took her to the top of the tree house to inspect her closer. It was then I realized that her flexi skirt of paisley and purple would do well to accent my Master’s green tinted glass windows. Removing this bulky item also allowed me the ability to make sure that she had no weapons. It was then that she told me that she is useless even in her own city and I felt a pang of guilt in my chest that this poor free woman could do nothing. There was not a talent in her body for cooking, cleaning or even mending. Her own lack of confidence and how she degraded herself to be nothing but useless pushed me into action.

“You see Mistress you are not useless. Men have a way of using women that even the most untalented can satisfy a man enough. I mean as a woman you have multiple holes that a thrust and a bump would simply satisfy a man.”

My comment did nothing to soothe her though. How was it that even she didn’t see herself as enough to please a simple man? No this wouldn’t do. This would never do for the beautiful and prideful free women that I knew of. She must hold her head high and rise above her feelings of being useless. It was then I remembered my duties. I could use my duties as a thrall to save this woman and uplift her to the pedestal that was befitting of a free woman!

I have been only a few days in these new lands in my new collar with my new Master but I recalled all the things that I had been taught and told for my new life here in Victrix. Upon the height perch atop the highest mountain at the crest of the tallest rise in the land sat an old water worn temple. Its perch above the river falls was a holy place with deep meaning. It was my duty to see to this place. This meca of the water god. It was my task and my duty to see to it that this temple and the god it was of remained pleased. You see when the god is not pleased a great land will ravage the land and the waters that swell well beyond the top of the temple swallow the lands in darkness killing all those that have angered the god.

I being the good matured and mild mannered thrall that I am remembered that this woman could be so much more than what she was. Right now she was a poor free woman with no confidence. It was time for the journey. Out the top of the tree house and along the rocking rope bridge I took her. We walked half the lands climbing every rise and hill until we came upon the steps of the temple. It was there I pulled her along to show her the glory of our humble and small village and tried to soothe her again.

“There are none in any lands that are useless. Mistress you want to know where you are but you are in the very place that has been fated for you. This village could be everything to you”

Again it would seem my words didnt soothe her spirit as I took her into the temple to show her the humble but meager place. It was there that I revealed to her just how precious she could be.

“Mistress it is my duty to offer you to the water god. On this day you can receive his blessing. if his favor is with you you shall return to us a saint. You will be dressed in the finest of robes and silks. Your every need will be catered to. You will want for nothing. You will need for nothing. The people will come for miles to offer prayers and gifts and you will remain here for all eternity in the temple where you belong.”

I couldn’t grasp the horror that she went through as I dressed her int he ceremonial white robes and adjusted her bindings to make sure they were secure. It was at this time that a Master (JJ) and a curious slave girl near by started to come to the temple. The Master (JJ) aided by further going into how this needed to be done and that it must be done quickly for the storms approaching could very well ravage the lands we called home. Aednat the slave girl took a curious interest in the temple dealings perhaps sharing in my sympathy for the woman who self proclaimed she could do nothing yet was given such a rare chance to be chosen.

Offering a humble prayer to the water god I thrust her in until the rope leash I had bound tight to my body jerked taught with a snap. The woman disappeared into the rushing of the water over the falls and there she stayed while the Master begged for the water god to accept this woman as his chosen. The weight of her and the water drug my feet towards the edge and finally after for many was an eternity waiting with held breath I drug her body up from the stream. There she stood soaked but chosen our new saint! There was little time to get her adjusted to her new room at the temple before our lands fell siege to the horrors of Marshwood Pirates. They have come to our lands and struggled to defeat us but in the end they have stolen our saint and we will get her back.

AND Here we go!


So I have been back in action though its a crawl to a slow start to say the least. RP is not what it was or use to be when I really concentrated myself on it and for those of you looking at me for regular feeds “SORRY!”

To put things bluntly I ran out of ideas. So I took some time to clear my head and get refocused again and well “TADA!” here I am. I am still looking forward to those of you who want to send your funny RP to me to post so that everyone can see it and I am still collecting RP ideas for the site as well. Please send me some I know that not a lot out there would really submit things hence another tapering off of the site. I need to have enough content to not be boring.

Fashion News!

I have a few things in the works and I am also working on designing clothes as well for the gor community. I have my first dress finished mesh wise and I haven’t decided if I will sell it to texture makers as a full perms for stores or if I will attempt this texture thing myself.

If you are someone that makes clothes or even designs clothes for the people who sell clothes and want to have a shout out contact me @ kazumimomoko resident.

I want to use this section to give designers/mesh makers a chance to connect and where to find possible future products.

Fashion Trends

This is something new I will be doing and NO it will not be a fashion blog instead I am going to be looking at current fashion blogs and try to get an idea of the styles that are there. I plan to post links to other blogs or just try to build a blog catalog so that everyone can easily get to the blogs in one place. It will give you all more variety to look at and maybe you can see some good ideas that you might not have seen otherwise.

Are you a fashion blogger that would like to have your posts and blog featured?

Use my contact form on the blog or send me a notecard in world @ kazumimomoko resident.

Fashion Quirks

This week in fashion quirks is a question I asked today in the *Raid Messener of Gor* chat. Please understand I am simply curious about the origins of styles and trends that have come into Gor from my time and the question this week was “What started the trend for women to be short and wide with larger hips and bottoms?”

You can comment on this post to contiue the discussion or if you have idea’s I will be posting an update to this segment if I get any replies in world @ kazumimomoko resident. I will post a response thread should I get any takers.

Gor Update

So yes I am back around and I do have things in the works. I wont say what the plans are yet but there is just a little ideas floating about. I cant say that it will be the most creative thing ever but we will see.


I will be doing the comics again BUT I need your help. Submit your stories for Pretty Pretty Princess and The Adventures of Lark and I will pick the good ones to do as comics. Let’s make things interesting.

Remember though Pretty Pretty Princess is a venting comic used to call out women or anyone for that matter that behaves in funny but poor manor. The Adventures of Lark tend to be the stories of what happened when you were starting out in gor and your first experiences.

How to submit a story for Pretty Pretty Princess:

  1. Make sure you give me logs or anything important like screen captures.
  2. Let me know a basic story as to what is going on.
  3. You can then send it via the contact form on my blog or in world to me at Kazumimomoko resident via NC. Remember that SL frowns on sharing of logs inside SL so please try to use the site contact as much as possible.

How to submit a story for the Adventures of Lark:

  • Make sure you write up the story and be a little detailed about it.
  • Make it clear what type of setting your in (tavern, outside, house, bed)
  • You can then send it via the contact form on my blog or in world to me at Kazumimomoko resident via NC.